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Traditional Metal & Glass Interior Wall Sconces

Match any decor style with these metal and glass wall sconces in traditional shapes. Each traditional wall sconce we feature will give a lovely and dramatic presentation without the exaggerated price tag. Our collection features industrial-inspired metal sconces, ornate glass wall sconces, and much more.

When we think of a traditional wall sconce it typically evokes images of elegant curvature and detailing or, on the other hand, rustic charm. Our glass and metal sconces have taken influence from such Old World lighting traits but with a more transitional appeal. Gentle curves, soft angles and straight lines are all incorporated for a traditional wall sconce that can hold its own among twenty-first century design elements. It's an updated spin on traditional ornamentation combined with clean finishes.

Attractive and ingenuously embellished metal and glass wall sconces await our customers in this section. See what a new take on the timeless designs of European and early American lighting styles can bring to your home.

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17 Item(s)

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Here, glass and metal sconces in timeless designs take center stage. Brought to you by Fabby – your online source for distinctive, designer lighting – a traditional wall sconce fixture is just the right touch for an accent wall, corridor, bedroom or foyer. In today’s ever-changing design world, metal and glass wall sconces provide a versatile fixture for traditional, contemporary and transitional aesthetics.

The metal and glass wall sconces assembled here each take Old World influence and shine it under an updated, post-millennium light. From rustic metal sconces influenced by early American carriage lights, to styles with metal bars resembling a wrought iron grid, our traditional wall sconce collection is eclectic but has a cohesive sophistication.

With numerous design influences represented, our collection of metal and glass wall sconces is hard to quantify in just a few terms. So, allow us to put it this way: each traditional wall sconce style is as timeless as it is current, as sophisticated as it is surprising, and as practical as it is innovative. From a sconce spin on the classic lighting staple, the chandelier, to a more contemporary rectangular shade paired with a three-paneled picture frame, our glass and metal sconces span a range of tastes. But whether you choose rustic warehouse shades or contemporary versions of old favorites, each indoor sconce is UL-Listed for superior and safe performance.

Another benefit of glass and metal sconces is the effortlessness of incorporating fixtures into existing design. Whether you’re working with a rural theme featuring other traditional wall sconce and lighting fixtures, or an urban chic appeal with cleaner lines, classic home lighting can fit in quietly or make a statement. It all depends on your project, design vision and execution.

For more details on interior metal and glass wall sconces including dimensions, color and finish options, lamping and indoor/outdoor options, please click on products above. In addition to the traditional wall sconce fixtures in this category, Fabby offers a full line of original ceramic sconce designs. These styles are also eclectic and easy to pair with other interior light fixtures in materials like metal, glass and composite.