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Interior Wall Lights

A wall sconce by Fabby is unlike any other wall light. In our artisans' studio, highly trained ceramics experts handcraft each sconce with the utmost skill and care in a range of engaging styles and designs. From a simple geometric wall sconce, to themed motif sconces, each wall light fixture by Fabby is a piece of contemporary art with the added utility of designer lighting.

Each sconce wall mount fixture begins as a slab of white earthenware clay. After an amalgamation with water and other compounds, the clay becomes a slip that is hand poured into custom sconce casts for molding and subsequent drying. Any cutouts are done by hand prior to the step which gives each wall sconce their trademark look: the four hour bisque fire. Coloring can be added using any water based paint.

Shop sconce wall lights online in a range of styles, sizes and designs including: Contemporary & Modern Sconces, Classic & Traditional Sconces, Children’s Sconces, Geometric Sconces, Bowl & Theatre Sconces, Southwestern Sconces and our popular Themed Wall Sconce category featuring fun cut outs and shapes.

Wall light fixtures by Fabby enhance and entice. Our ceramic wall sconce fixtures form a cohesive collection of designer lighting with distinct style and chic handcrafted artistry. Each sconce is made by a ceramic artisan in our studio, a presence in the designer wall sconce market since 1987.

A wall light need not only be a source of illumination, it can also be a work of art. A ceramic wall sconce is the epitome of this idea, combining all the utility of contemporary lighting with the enchantment of hand worked clay sculpture. The Fabby name is synonymous with skill, attention to detail and impeccable design, qualities which you will find in each of our sconce wall lights.

Sconce wall lighting in this category spans multiple design aesthetics in addition to a range of lifestyle themes. For the modern urban loft, a wall sconce from our Contemporary & Modern Sconce category will compliment clean lines that intoxicate with their simplistic beauty. For the less trendy aesthetic, our Classic & Traditional Sconce category embodies understated elegance that blends in modestly without disappearing.

Our Themed and Southwestern Sconce Lighting categories cater to specialized design plans focused on a specific motif. Interior designers and do-it-yourselfers hoping to highlight a specific lifestyle or achieve a particular theme will find sconce wall lights here to help. Designs are inspired by everything from Southwestern patterns to the sea creatures you might find swimming near a coral reef.

Round out our wall sconce collection with the refined statement made by straightforward geometric shapes such as in our Bowl, Sphere & Theatre Sconce category and Geometric, Block & Step Sconces. We also offer sconce wall lighting in ADA compliant, outdoor and dark sky wall light varieties.

Discover what a designer wall sconce can do for your residential or commercial design plans. Each FabbyCeramic Wall Light is a handcrafted product. A sconce begins with white earthenware clay that is mixed, slip casted and bisque fired to achieve the trademark off-white tone. Wall light fixtures can be painted using a water based acrylic or latex paint. Each FABBY sconce is shipped with care to ensure your order is completed with the delivery of an impeccable ceramic wall light.