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Installation of Interior Sconces

All FABBY fixtures are designed for hardwire mounting over a standard 3" or 4" recessed junction box and include all the necessary parts. Interior sconces utilize our unique UL-approved universal socket assembly located at the center point between the height and width with a few rare exceptions. For an exact dimension on a particular style please send us your question.

Special note on corner sconces: When ordering corner sconces please specify "Right" or "Left" mounting when facing the corner. The center line is located 3" form the surface of the finished wall, Right or Left, and 3" down form the top of fixture. For a seamless look we recommend caulking the sconce where it meets the wall and painting to match. Any basic latex paint may be used.

Shown: FABBY universal socket assembly with style # 17.

To avoid the risk of electrical shock, lighting products should be installed by a certified electrician.

Ceramic Body, Varies

Mounting plate with porcelain socket.
Crossbar with two screws, threaded nipple, and two cap nuts.

1. Attach crossbar with threaded nipple to the junction box with two 1" screws.

2. Place mounting plate inside sconce body and pull wires through the round opening.

3. Connect the fixture wires to the supply wires in the outlet box (black to black, white to whit) using the wire nuts provided.

4. Place the ceramic fixture and mounting place onto the threaded nipple and secure with capnut attached to the nipple. Hand tighten only.

5. After the fixture has been mounted, the electrical plate can be rotated to the re-position the light bulb inside the sconce.

Cleaning: Installation fingermarks should be removed using only a dry cloth for and a 150-grit sandpaper. Lightly sand off smudges. Do not use liquid cleaners on the bisque.