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Installation of Exterior Sconces

Sconces with direct exposure to rain and snow must be specified for "exterior use" in order to receive our special weatherproof hardware upgrade. As the diagram illustrates, the ceramic body mounts over our weatherproof electrical fixture, therefore only shapes that are larger enough to accommodate the electrical hardware may be upgraded. To help easily identify which styles are available, only style numbers marked with an *asterisk may be specified for exterior use. The up-charge is $30.00 per light.

Our most popular shape for outdoors is the cylinder which comes in three sizes: 7"W x 9"H, 9"W x 13"H, and 12"W x 16"H, we find the two larger sizes are better suited to the overall scale of most exterior facades. When selecting an exterior fixture, we recommend our customers first peruse our 32-page catalog for cut-out design preferences, then select the appropriate size and shape. Any FABBY cut-out design may be ordered on any shape.

The natural bisque finish of FABBY fixtures weathers well in all climates. After long periods of time you may choose to freshen up your sconces with any basic latex paint. No primer is necessary unless an oil-based paint is being used. The natural bisque finish is easily cleaned with a dry cloth for dusting and medium grade sandpaper for smudges and fingerprints.

1. Attach crossbar with nipple to outlet box using screws provided.
2. Connect wires from electrical fixture to supply wires in outlet box (black to black, white to white) using the plastic wire nuts provided.
3. Secure electrical fixture to mounting surface by tightening hexagonal nut.

1. Place ceramic fixture over electrical fixture
2. Slip metal plate onto nipple which protrudes from electrical fixture
3. Secure by tightening cap-nut