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Installation of Ceiling Fixtures

As a focal point or subtle accent, our ceiling fixtures are truly original. The standard 7" drop fitted with two 75-watt bulbs will provide plenty of ambient light for small to medium-sized rooms. Larger areas and rooms with high ceilings will require one of our larger sizes. A dimmer switch is recommended to maximize dramatic effect and will turn a bright nursery light into a fabulous night light.

We offer four basic shapes; each may be ordered with the cut-out motif of your choice.

The standard drop (ceiling to finial) for shade-A is 7-inches, shades-B, C, and, D are 9-inches. Special extension hardware is available to drop the shade 17-inches or 25-inches away from the ceiling. This allows for higher wattage bulbs to be used and increases the fixture's prominence within a space.

FABBY ceiling lights come hardwired for incandescent use and will also accept the new "screw-in" type of compact fluorescent lamps.