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Discover handcrafted ceramic table lamps and other innovative table lights, brought to you online by Fabby. Here, our popular bisque fired lighting is translated into tabletop design. Chic and sophisticated, a ceramic table lamp makes a lovely luminaire for bedsides, offices and foyers.

A ceramic table lamp looks charming while cloaking a desk, counter, bench or tabletop in warm light. Most fixtures also feature creative cutouts that add to the distinct personality. In children's rooms, a ceramic table lamp with cutouts can double as a bedside table and night-light when installed on dimmers.

Buying one of a kind table lights distinguishes your interior lighting design. Styles featured below include classic lamp base and shade combinations in addition to solid ceramic table lamps where light spills through cutouts. Ceramic fixtures may be ordered in 40 vibrant colors for a nominal upcharge, or paint at home with acrylics or latex. All table lights are UL-Listed for safety and performance.

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4 Item(s)

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A ceramic table lamp fuses the sophistication of designer lighting with the earthy charm of clay artwork: A combination that's hard to beat in terms of originality. At Fabby Lighting, our selection of creative table lights reflects a desire for all things beautiful and inventive. With various one of a kind and unique lamps to choose from, we're bringing a new kind of stylishness to the table.

Ceramic table lamps and chic table lights in this category make superb decorative lights for bedrooms, living areas or an entryway. Used as lamps for kids’ rooms they add playful charm. On top of their charming appearance these table lights are also functional luminaires to work, live and play by. Install on dimmers to easily transition between task and ambient lighting, or even create a night-light for children.

Interior designers and do-it-yourself decorators will revel in the availability of an original ceramic table lamp that also fits within contemporary design. As handcrafted bedroom lighting, each of our ceramic table lamps begins with natural earthenware clay. Custom slip-casting followed up by a bisque fire in the kiln yields fixtures in their trademark milky white finish. For clients who value artistry in interior design, ceramics demonstrates the splendor of natural materials guided to beauty by a human touch.

Table lights in ceramic designs look lovely in their natural off-white color or painted in one of our 40 finishes (available for additional cost). Customers may also paint a ceramic table lamp on their own using quality latex or acrylic paints. Fixtures are sold in assorted designs, with some featuring lamp and shade combinations and others featuring just a ceramic shell where light escapes through cutouts. Most styles can take incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs in varying wattages. Each fixture is UL-Listed for interior use. Please click individual products below for more details.

Many table lights come wired with a three-way switch enabling the base to operate independently of the top light bulb. This makes for easy transition from bright task lighting to ambient lighting. Turn kids’ table lamps into nightlights and end table lamps into mood lighting at the flip of a switch.