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Discover handcrafted designer lamps for decorative or bedroom lighting, in this collection of ceramic bedside lamps by FABBY. Our popular cut-out motif sconce styles find their translation into bedroom lamps with engaging shapes and fun designs, still in that lovely bisque finish for which our designer lamps have come to be known.

Table lamps and bedroom lighting by Fabby is all handmade from white earthenware clay. Although actually colored gray at the beginning of its lifespan, the clay is mixed, slip casted and then bisque fired, which gives our finished bedroom lamps their milky off-white color. Keep them as-is or customize the color of ceramic bedside lamps using any water based paint.

Each of our designer lamps is a fully functioning contemporary light fixture combined with the pleasing aesthetic of handcrafted ceramic artwork. All orders are shipped with great care to ensure safe arrival.

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4 Item(s)

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For bedroom lighting with the combined sophistication of designer lamps and the earthy charm of clay artwork, Fabby is proud to bring you this collection of ceramic bedside lamps. Fixtures in this category not only make superb bedroom lamps, they also work as decorative pieces on living room end tables or in a foyer.

Interior designers and do-it-yourself decorators will revel in the availability of designer lamps that also fit well with contemporary design views. As handcrafted bedroom lighting, each of our ceramic bedside lamps starts with natural white earthenware clay making it a favorite for clients or homes that value custom artistry. Also, the Fabby focus is on producing creative designer lighting that is also environmentally conscious, making our fixtures friendly to the "green" revolution for interior design.

Each of our bedroom lamps is born of white earthenware clay that is formulated into a mixture, or slip, through the addition of water and other compounds. The skilled ceramic artisans at Fabby have years of experience in working with clay and possess an innate awareness of environmental factors that play into the process like humidity, pH balance and even the level of chlorine in the water. Using this knowledge, the optimal clay concoction is created to be formed with slip casts, dried for twenty-four hours and finally, bisque fired for a period of four hours. Our designer lamps, including bedroom lighting fixtures, achieve their elegant bisque finish through this final firing process.

Apply ceramic bedside lamps in their natural off-white color, or paint them with the use of water based materials like acrylic or latex – no primer is needed with the use of water based paints. Table lamps also come wired with a three-way switch enabling the base to operate independently of the top light bulb, for easy transition from bright task lighting to ambient lighting.

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