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Contemporary Ceramic Pendant Lights

Stunning ceramic pendant lighting is brought to you in the form of handcrafted ceramic hanging lamps, by FABBY. We are an American purveyor of handmade ceramic light fixtures, including this collection of pendant lights in a range of styles and sizes.

From the interior designer looking for modern lamps to accent a high end, green kitchen, to the do-it-yourselfer looking for bedside lighting solutions, the range of this collection provides something for everyone. On top of varied styles, each of our hanging lamps is an impeccable handmade product that is created in the U.S.A.

While each of our lamp shades start from the same type of white earthenware clay, their styles are distinct. Using custom slip casts, our skilled ceramic artisans hand pour a clay mixture to be molded and subsequently bisque fired to achieve diverse forms and the trademark FABBY off-white color. This collection ranges from Southwestern-inspired designs to cutting edge urban decor.

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13 Item(s)

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Pedant lighting goes ceramic in this collection of handcrafted hanging lamps, brought to you by FABBY. At our Los Angeles, California studio, skilled artisans create radiant ceramic lamp shades from slabs of white earthenware clay to bring our customers contemporary and modern lamps with a distinct aesthetic focused on natural beauty.

In contemporary lighting pendants have become a design force unlike any other. Fancifully floating above kitchen islands, neatly lining the bars at local watering holes and even in home studies or public libraries, pendant lamps can be found lifting our spirits and lighting our spaces. At FABBY, we've put our own personality into creating modern lamps that concurrently honor the timeless art of ceramics.

Each of the units found in this collection is a handcrafted product originating from white earthenware clay. In our Southern California studio, clay matter is mixed by a professional ceramic artist with just the right balance of water and other compounds. It is this slip mixture that eventually takes on the form of a pendant lighting fixture. By hand pouring into slip casts, the clay starts to take on a new shape which is subsequently dried and then bisque fired to achieve finished pendant lamps in a lovely, natural milky color.

This collection demonstrates versatility in a range of design applications, both residential and commercial. As undeniably chic bar lighting, and functional enhancers of character and ambiance. Or boost style in home or corporate offices either as desk lamps or accent lighting at a receptionist counter. Interior designers and do-it-yourself project planners will immediately recognize the possibilities.

Additionally, each fixture in this collection is also paintable with the use of acrylic or latex paints. For more information on different styles of lighting, visit our other collections and individual product icons. Our customer service team is also available to answer your questions or discuss a specific project in more detail.