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Contemporary Ceramic Exterior Wall Sconces

Contemporary outdoor sconces in ceramic designs appeal to the artist and the modernist alike. Beginning with natural clay material each fixture is born of a perfected handmade process. Clay is prepared for molding and then slip casted to achieve its form. The final step is a bisque fire in the kiln to yield ceramic exterior wall sconces that are as robust as they are lovely.

For elegant exterior lighting the right contemporary outdoor sconces will work with architecture. Ceramics as an art form lends well to the creation of functional designs. The strength of the material holds up well in exterior applications and slight imperfections created in the firing process give each sconce unique character. This combination of utility and aesthetics makes our contemporary outdoor sconces a favorite of architects, designers and homeowners who value tasteful originality.

Each fixture is UL-Listed and ceramic designs ship in their natural milky white finish. For a slight extra cost 40 color options are available.

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At Fabby Lighting, we take ceramic artwork to a brilliant place with this collection of contemporary outdoor sconces in one-of-a-kind designs. As one of the oldest art forms still in existence today ceramics is a well-respected method of creating functional sculpture. For our customers that means that, not only are these sconces beautiful to look at but they also provide a gleaming light source to enhance curb appeal.

This collection of contemporary outdoor sconces features designs in solid shapes and some with cutouts. Each style is an outdoor-rated light fixture for mounting along exterior walls. Our customers find that ceramic fixtures make an elegant accent on either side of an entryway or as decorative lights to line up along a front porch.

Ceramic sconces can light outdoor living spaces like patios, decks and porches. When sitting out to an al fresco dinner on a summer night the warm glow from outdoor lights will add to ambience. Wall sconces are also a helpful part of a comprehensive exterior lighting system for safety. Mounted around garage doors, near outdoor steps or on the sides of a home, contemporary outdoor sconces help shed some rays of comfort on your abode.

While our contemporary exterior wall sconces in ceramic styles are particularly popular for residential use we would also recommend them for other properties and businesses. Some of our designs feature stylish cutouts that would complement a restaurant or small retail boutique very nicely. And for larger scale commercial design we can accommodate bulk orders over the phone toll free.

The ceramic exterior wall sconces featured above are just part of the extensive selection online at Fabby Lighting. We strive to provide our customers with innovative lighting styles that get positive notice and accent the properties they illuminate.

For assured safety and performance, contemporary outdoor sconces are UL-Listed. Lamping is typically configured to accept both incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs with max wattage varying per fixture. Ceramic lights ship in their natural white unless ordered in one of our 40 color choices (added cost applies). To read more about sconce dimensions, lamping, max wattage, color options and more, please click on individual products above.