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Modern & Contemporary Exterior Wall Lights

Get chic and functional contemporary outdoor wall lighting from Fabby. It is with these qualities in mind that Fabby Lighting assembled our collection of modern outdoor sconces. Featuring original ceramic designs in addition to metal and glass fixtures, this attractive selection has all the style bases covered.

Each modern outdoor wall sconce is designed for durable and tasteful exterior display. Residential and commercial properties both benefit from elegant light fixtures for safety after dark and also to highlight architecture. Even during the day, modern outdoor sconces are beneficial for curb appeal. Chic light fixtures bring more of an upscale, finished feeling to homes and businesses.

Mount contemporary outdoor wall lighting on either side of a garage, along front porch walls, or flanking an entryway. Sconces are versatile and can be attached to most any type of exterior surface. Lamping configuration will vary per style. Most fixtures are UL-Listed for damp or covered outdoor use.

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22 Item(s)

per page

For chic curb appeal add contemporary and modern outdoor sconces to your lighting plans. Just like interior fixtures, contemporary outdoor wall lighting has an important role to play. It accents architecture while also lending a functional light source to make spaces usable and safe, even after dark.

Online at Fabby Lighting, we define the modern wall sconce as one that has a sophisticated and notable visual impact. Our customers will find contemporary outdoor wall lighting made from a range of materials including metal, acrylic, glass and bisque fired ceramic clay. Each fixture satisfies expectations of aesthetic appeal and functionality all in one.

Contemporary and modern outdoor sconces are stylish in their simplicity. Each line is well considered and cutting edge designs ensure that these wall lights uphold and enhance tasteful exteriors. Often applied in rows or pairs, each modern outdoor wall sconce is appropriate for a range of applications: mounted on the sides of garage doors, in pairs to delineate an entryway, along exterior walls that lack any light source, and also to illuminate outdoor living spaces like patios, decks and front porches. Sconces can mount along most any wall including vinyl, brick, and wood siding.

At Fabby, our contemporary outdoor wall lighting category includes fixtures made in our trademark ceramic design. These pieces are derived from hand worked clay that is bisque fired to milky white perfection. Sconces in ceramic styles are beautiful in their natural finish but can also be tinted to 40 brilliant colors for a nominal extra charge.

The range of lighting styles featured in this category speaks to the diversity of the Fabby customer. Our website and team of knowledgeable representatives serve homeowners, architects, interior designers and business owners who are looking for distinctive lighting to highlight living and work spaces. With the availability of original modern outdoor sconces at affordable prices, there's no need to choose run of the mill fixtures.

By clicking on outdoor light fixtures above our customers can view more details including product dimensions, lamping options, mounting information and more. Pricing may vary for different colors or finishes in each style.