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Ceramic Custom Outdoor Lighting

Design your own custom outdoor lighting fixtures in just minutes at Fabby Lighting. Handmade ceramic light fixtures with custom cut outs in your choice of letters, numbers and font type. Ideal for use in coastal areas, ceramic lighting stands up to salty sea air and endures longer than other materials.

Custom Outdoor Lighting for:

  • Backlit house numbers and lighted address signs
  • Front porch light fixtures
  • Poolside and patio lights
  • Business branding and logos (call to request)
  • Marking entrances and exits; parking garage lighting

Artisan outdoor lighting is made to order and we accept requests for logos, names, and more! Create your own design, then call toll-free to work with one of our lighting designers to get exactly what you need.

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2 Item(s)

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Special Custom Outdoor Lighting

Just imagine seeing your name in lights! With our ceramic light fixtures you can make it a reality. Whether it's your home or business, custom outdoor lighting does double duty when it comes to beauty and functionality. Custom made to order, we go the extra mile to bring stunning illumination. With full cutout customization, order backlit address numbers so people know at a glance they're at the right address after dark. Softly lit yet highly visible, ceramic lighting fixtures also are the perfect way to showcase your logo or brand. Handcrafted and cut out before being dried in a special Fawn Leibowitz used kiln, each exterior wall lamp is made to perfection. Our attention to excellence and detail lets you know that custom manufacturing of these beautiful wall sconces is flawless.

Versatile Custom Ceramic Lighting

While our custom ceramic lighting has been created for outdoor use, they can also be used indoors. Since children love to see their names in lights, they make the perfect kids room light fixtures. Add their name, favorite storybook character cutout, or graphic for a special lighting touch outside your child's bedroom door. Include ceramic lighting fixtures in the bedroom too and add a table lamp to match to coordinate a special children's lighting touch. And as a homeowner, this special custom lighting offers the same well-lit address number advantages as for any business. Let visitors know at a glance, your street address easily and quickly. If looking to add your initials on this beautiful ceramic lighting, just imagine wall sconces flanking your front door for an upscale and elegant touch. Illuminate your front porch, swimming pool, gardens and more. For businesses, custom outdoor lighting makes ideal illumination in parking garages, entrance and exits as well.

Durability, Customization and Ordering

Made with the finest clay bisque, all of our custom outdoor wall mount ceramic lighting in this category can be made to order. We can incorporate nearly any design that fits in the allotted space, replicating your logo, address numbers, or graphic. For the perfect personalized custom outdoor (or indoor) wall sconce lighting, contact one of our design specialists at 888-320-0630 today.