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Children's Wall Lighting

Fabby makes kids' wall lights come alive with fun, youthful cutouts. Each of the children's wall lights made by Fabby is a handmade work of ceramic art. Beginning with earthenware clay, artisans follow a perfected process whereby the material is slip casted and bisque fired. The resulting kids' wall sconces are truly one of a kind – a delight for both children and their parents.

Our assortment of children's wall lights includes fixtures appropriate for boys and girls of many ages. From stars and planets to dinosaurs and fish, kids' wall sconces are perfect for personalizing youth spaces according to individual interests. These fanciful fixtures are also appealing to decorate a nursery and can double as a night-light when installed on dimmers.

Kids' wall lights are UL-Listed for interior use. Standard lamping configuration is for incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs of varying wattages. Please click on individual wall lights for kids featured in the category below for more details.

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21 Item(s)

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Creative wall lights for kids are a bright way to express personality. In bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms, the addition of kids' wall sconces featuring fun cutouts will bring a sense of playful energy. Not to mention children's wall lights serve a functional purpose and provide illumination for all the activities that keep your little ones busy.

At Fabby, kids' wall lights are derived from the same process as our other trademark ceramic fixtures. Each sconce begins as a hunk of earthenware clay that is hand worked, molded in a custom slip cast and then bisque fired at optimal temperature. The result is one of a kind children's wall lights with creative cutouts in all the shapes and themes kids love. Dinosaurs, planets, cowboys and fish are a few of the favorites parents and their children can both agree on.

Kids' wall sconces are UL-Listed for indoor use. This is an assurance to parents that mounting Fabby wall lights for kids is a safe and efficient choice. With cutouts dispersed throughout these fixtures also make a lovely night-light. By installing on dimmers, kids' wall lights can emit a softer glow that eases fear of the dark and assists in nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Children's wall lights by Fabby come with a standard lamping option that takes incandescent or CFL bulbs. Depending on the style, different wattages are appropriate. By clicking on individual ceramic wall lights for kids above our online customers can explore product details and options at their leisure. And of course, for custom orders or questions left unanswered in these product descriptions, please call toll free for further assistance.

In addition to kids' wall sconces, our children's lighting category also includes ceiling mount and bathroom fixtures. Wall lights for kids often have a matching fixture in one of our other categories so a cohesive design theme is easy to obtain through one source. For kids who love adventure and exploration, choose a dinosaur or oceanic theme. Outer space themes with planets and stars also inspire a desire to learn and discover. Children and their parents delight in the artistic and youthful cutouts of these sconces - easy to mount and even easier to enjoy.