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Children's Bathroom Lights

Add imaginative design to your child's bathroom with these creative children's bathroom lights. Forget the usual chrome vanity bars and check out fanciful kids' bathroom light fixtures with cutout cowboys, airplanes, trains and more. It's a functional light source and youthful display all in one – now that's brilliant!

Kids' bathroom lighting by Fabby is a collection of UL-Listed fixtures that are appropriate to mount as bathroom wall or vanity lighting. Most of the children's bathroom lights featured below will accept incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs, with the maximum wattage varying per fixture. By clicking on individual kids' bathroom light fixtures online our customers can explore product specifics in more details. We also take some custom requests for different sizes or cutouts.

Ceramic kids' bathroom lighting is sold in a natural bisque fired finish as pictured below. Although we recommend their milky white color for display these fixtures are also paintable with acrylics or latex.

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6 Item(s)

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Set washroom time aglow with fun kids' bathroom lighting, brought to you online by Fabby. Our children's bathroom lights feature cutouts modeled after youth favored themes like outer space, Old West cowboys and under the sea creatures. These designs are also one of a kind since each fixture is made from earthenware clay that is bisque fired to perfection. Art and vibrant lighting all in one!

For your kids bathroom light fixtures can reflect the same youthful energy that they bring to your life. Nothing is too fanciful for the young imagination, and our children's bathroom lights take that into account. A Choo-Choo Train motif is a crowd pleaser for toddlers and young elementary-aged boys, and a design like the Kittens, Dogs & Daisies Kids' Bathroom Light works across a range of ages and interests for boys and girls.

Children's bathroom lights set out to serve their functional purpose while displaying an imaginative work of art. To serve the functional end, all kids' bathroom light fixtures are UL-Listed for performance and safety. On the artistic side, kids' bathroom lighting is derived from clay that is molded in custom slip-cast designs. Using a perfected process whereby the clay is hand worked, slip-cast and then bisque fired, lovely and one of a kind children's bathroom lights are born for your enjoyment. That includes parents!

To choose kids' bathroom light fixtures take into account the measurements above a vanity or on the wall you plan to mount along. Enough room should be left between a ceiling and mirror to allow for clearance on each side of the fixture. This will also enable light to stream out without obstruction for an even trajectory. Most children's bathroom lights can take compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs with particular guidelines for maximum wattage allowed. Please click on products above for more details.

In addition to the kids' bathroom lighting by Fabby, we also create youth light fixtures in the form of pendants, wall sconces and semi-flush mount ceiling lights. Check out all designs privy to youthful tastes in our Children's Lighting category. For questions and to discuss sizes or designs not featured online, please call toll free.