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Nothing makes more of a statement than a beautiful chandelier does when placed properly.

They are powerful home decor pieces that require a great deal of consideration when buying. If too big, you could be bumping your head against it when you stand up from the dining room table. If hung too high, it will defeat the main purpose of the chandelier, which is to showcase the entire room it illuminates. If you're wondering how to find the right chandelier, your answer depends on the size of the room and the purpose of the light.


Chandeliers for Foyers

To determine the best size chandelier for your foyer, you want to use your room measurements. For the height of the chandelier, measure the height of the ceiling in feet. The higher the ceiling, the taller the chandelier you want or else it will look too small and unnoticeable. The general rule of thumb is 3 inches for every foot of ceiling height. So a standard ceiling height, which is 8 feet, would use a 24-inch tall chandelier. For the diameter of the chandelier, measure the height and width of your room in feet. Add your height and width together and convert the sum into inches for your chandelier's diameter. For example, if your room's length is 14 feet and width is 12 feet, the sum is 26 feet. This means your foyer chandelier should be 26 inches.

  White Faux Balcony Finish

A custom chandelier in the entryway makes a grand welcome for your guests so it is important to get the right size and placement for your light fixture or else it will lack drama.

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Chandeliers for Dining Rooms

Suspended, or hanging, light fixtures above the dining room table make for a visually stunning centerpiece and enhances the mood. However, an incorrect sized or poorly hung chandelier can instantly ruin the mood. Because the chandelier will be placed above a table, they tend to be a smaller size than the foyer chandeliers. Ideally, your chandelier should be roughly a foot narrower than the width of your dining table.

White Faux Balcony Finish  

Chandelier Placement Tips

Make sure the placement of your dining room chandelier is proper. If hung too low, it may cause a glare, or hot spot, causing eyestrain and discomfort when sitting at the dining room table. If hung too high, you may not get enough illumination from the chandelier to light up the space. The height of the chandelier will vary depending on the height of your ceiling and table. The light fixture should be placed over the center of the table and at least 4 feet away from any walls.

Now you're ready to steal the show with your elegant chandeliers! One more tip for you: assess your room's style and decor and pick your chandelier to match the style. Also, don't be afraid to use additional lights like wall sconces if your foyer or dining room is large.

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