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Ceramic Ceiling Lights

Semi flush ceiling lights and clay artwork come together in this collection of ceramic fixtures brought to you by Fabby. Each handcrafted ceramic ceiling light is varied in style, so interior designers and home decorators will easily find a ceramic ceiling light fixture brilliantly suited to individual projects.

We like to think of each ceramic ceiling light as an inspired piece of functional art. Deriving influence from the Southern California coast, each ceramic ceiling light fixture blends elements of natural beauty and artful creation. Beginning with an earthenware clay slip, the initial form is produced by a skilled ceramic artisan who mixes, slip casts and then bisque fires the clay. The result of this perfected process is semi flush ceiling lights with a stunning natural bisque finish.

Fixtures are UL-Listed for interior display and configured to accept incandescent or CFL bulbs in varying wattages. To paint, a ceramic ceiling light will take most acrylic or latex-based paints.

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21 Item(s)

per page

A ceramic ceiling light by Fabby will lift your spirits and light your spaces. Our semi flush ceiling lights are handmade in a range of styles, from a traditionally designed bowl with molding detail to a seaside themed luminaire peppered with whimsical cutouts.

Available for convenient shopping and ordering online, each ceramic ceiling light fixture is an affordably priced custom light. Our semi flush ceiling lights boast all the capabilities of a contemporary fixture with the added design value of an exceptional piece of clay art. The popular flush mounted style is the backdrop to our ceramic ceiling light concept, but interior designers and home decorators surely notice something special in our fixtures. Something you just don't find in other designer lighting collections.

Each ceramic ceiling light fixture passes through the hands of a skilled clay artisan. The FABBY process has been meticulously refined and produces only the highest quality ceramic light fixtures. Our clay is mixed with water and other compounds to form a slip, which is then hand poured into a cast to achieve the initial form. The beginnings of semi flush ceiling lights are then dried for a period of twenty-four hours and subsequently bisque fired for four hours at an optimal temperature. This final firing process is what gives each ceiling light its trademark color, an elegant off-white.

Interior designers and do-it-yourselfers most often prefer the organic appeal of the milky white bisque finish. However, to create a ceramic ceiling light with a bit more color these fixtures are paintable. Using a basic latex or acrylic paint, tint to achieve any brilliant hue of your choice.

Semi flush ceiling lights are a keen choice for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and offices in the home. For commercial projects, a ceramic ceiling light makes a natural complement to small businesses like spas, naturally inspired resorts, Southwestern themed bars and restaurants and much, much more. Install dimmers to control light intensity and easily transition from task to ambient lighting, all in the flip of a switch.